Healthy Eating On the Go


by Malu Trehan, RDN, MPH

I was super excited when my husband squared away tickets to Europe this summer, and well within our budget. To get the reduced fare, however, we needed to travel on a “no frills” airline. I didn’t realize until much later just how “no frills” it was; no food, no snacks, no water, and no pillow.

Needless to say, packing healthy meals and snacks was a must. Delayed flights and long layovers can make for cranky kids (and adults). Food choices at the airport are often limited and pricey. Here are a few options that are packed with protein, fat (yes, we need it), and are low in sugar.

Snack Ideas

Mary’s Gone Crackers - seed-based and gluten-free (careful with the jalapeño flavor… it made my eyes water)

Justin’s Nut Butter - these come in travel-friendly packets and can be found at our local Safeway and Costco

Wild Garden single-serve hummus - squeeze it onto crackers or pita chips (available on Amazon)

Fresh fruit - it’ll give you an immune boost - fresh strawberries, sliced apples, organic Sungold kiwi (available at Costco), and Pom Poms pomegranate seed cups (also available at Costco in packs of four) are great for travel

Vegetables - sliced peppers, baby carrots, and celery for munching on or dipping in hummus

Organic almonds

Pumpkin seeds

Dates or prunes

A snack bar with minimal ingredients. LÄRABAR is a good one.

Laughing Cow cheese

Turkey jerky - Krave has a good product

Salmon jerky by Vital Choice

Epic brand bars - seen these at Safeway

Got food that needs to stay chilled? Pack a sealable plastic bag and once you get through security, fill with ice from a soda dispenser. Don’t forget the reusable water bottle and stay hydrated throughout the flight. Skip the dehydrating cocktails or coffee and opt for seltzer drinks or herbal tea. Bring  some of your favorite tea bags and ask the flight attendant for hot water.  If you’re heading on a road trip, take a look at my previous post on snacks for road trips. With a little planning ahead of time, you can eat healthy on the go.