Building a healthy plate


Teaching 180 5th graders about health and wellness in under three hours is no small feat but that’s exactly what Arpita Doshi pulled off at Hidden Hills Elementary School on October 24. Arpita is Hidden Hills PTA Health and Wellness Chair, a mom, and a physician. She has a passion for helping kids make healthy choices. She’s hoping that by educating kids early, it’ll reduce their chances of  getting the chronic conditions she is seeing in her patients.

During the health fair, small groups of kids travelled from table to table learning about nutrition, healthy cooking, exercise, vision and dental care, mindfulness, and more.

At the nutrition table I hosted, we discussed how to build a healthy plate, emphasizing the importance of eating more plants. While few kids reported eating the USDA’s recommended serving of fruits and vegetables, some eagerly listed their favorite produce. According to these children, their parents prioritized fruits and vegetables in their families.

Tips to increase more fruits and vegetables for your child:

  • Keep fruit washed and ready to eat in plain sight

  • Serve salads often. You’re busy. I know! Buy the pre-washed bagged salad or triple-washed spinach and make the prep easy.

  • Serve a vitamin A rich food everyday- e.g. squash, carrots, mangoes, tomatoes, broccoli, or spinach

  • Serve a vitamin C rich food daily - e.g. citrus fruit, strawberries, tomatoes, broccoli, or kiwi.

  • Model it! Eats fruits and vegetables yourself.

Visit Super Healthy Kids for ideas on how to bump up the fruits and vegetables on your child’s plate.