Food and Mood - Are you Hangry?


When your blood sugar is out of balance, you can experience symptoms of shakiness, anxiety, hunger, headache, and moodiness. Have you ever heard the term "hangry," a combination of hungry and angry? This can be remedied by eating small frequent meals throughout the day containing protein, carbohydrate, and a healthy fat. The fat is really important to give a feeling of satiety. Kids need fat for healthy brain development so it's important they're not on a low-fat diet. Some snack ideas:

  • Whole grain crackers, cubes of cheese, and olives

  • A hard boiled egg

  • Apple slices or celery with nut butter

  • Nitrate free turkey and cream cheese wrapped around a pickle

  • Guacamole, carrot sticks and pita chips

With balanced meals and snacks, children (and parents) can focus throughout the day and maintain a good mood. It leads to better food choices throughout the day and less cravings for sweets.

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