Healthy Holiday Eating


Peace, love and joy are sentiments of the holidays, but not always accurate about how we feel about our eating during December. Often we stuff ourselves silly at holiday gatherings, feel guilty about it until New Years, then resolve to eat healthy the next year. Why do this to ourselves? Sure, eating healthy around the holidays can be challenging, but with a little preparation, it's very do-able.

Don't go to a holiday party starving. Have a healthy snack beforehand to help take the edge off your hunger and allow you to make better choices when you are faced with tempting foods. This goes for the kids too. You'll take comfort knowing they ate something nutritious to balance out some of the treats they'll eat later that evening.

Offer to bring a healthy dish to the party. You know there'll be one dish you can load up on.

Fill up half your plate with vegetables. The fiber will help fill you up and help you stay full longer.

Incorporate plenty of physical activity into the day. Go for a walk or hit the gym before the party or collect family and go for a post-dinner walk.

Eat mindfully. Rich, indulgent foods shouldn't be labeled as "bad" or forbidden food. Rather, they are to be enjoyed with the fullest attention. Notice the aroma, texture, and flavor of the food and savor it. Mindful eating is a proven method to prevent overeating and increase satisfaction. Give it a try!