Healthy Snacks for Traveling


"Are we there yet?" Sound familiar? I heard it just yesterday within 30 minutes of our drive towards Point Reyes. Summer is around the corner and for many, that means travel.

Preparing a few travel-friendly snacks can help get you through the journey when tummies are rumbling and the next meal is hours away. Healthy and portable snacks for the cooler:

  • low-fat yogurt

  • cottage cheese

  • cheese sticks

  • Hard-boiled eggs

  • low-fat milk boxes (almond or soy come in individual servings too)

  • sliced bell peppers, cucumbers, or other easy-to-eat veggies

  • fresh diced fruit

Non-perishable go-tos:

  • dried fruit

  • trail mix

  • popcorn

  • whole grain crackers

Peanut butter sandwiches travel well too if allergies aren't a concern. If you're flying, pack the non-perishable items and don't forget an empty reusable water bottle to fill up once you get through security.

Keep in mind that on long road trips, kids sometimes say they're hungry but they're really just bored. Be sure to pack enough books, games, etc. in anticipation and to avoid mindless snacking.