A Healthy and Sustainable Meal Delivery Service

A few weeks ago, driving by the Danville library, I spotted a car with a sign that read “Planted Table, Plant-based Meals Delivered to Your Door.” I was intrigued and did some digging to learn more about their model. As it turns out, Planted Table is a zero waste meal delivery company. Their meals are delivered to your door in eco-friendly glass containers. That means no disposable plastic and packaging with your meals. You place your used glass containers in the bag they provide and they replace it with fresh containers filled with delicious vegan meals. The meals are prepared by Chef Lauren Mahlke who specializes in vegan food preparation. I wanted to share their service because I feel strongly about any company that makes an effort to help people eat healthier while leaving a small footprint. I’m not an affiliate of the company nor will receive anything for sharing their info. Planted Table has generously agreed to give any of my readers a week of free smoothies if they sign up! Just mention Wellness Within.